Founder - Ming Liang

Registered Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (Herbalist)

Ming Liang is a Registered Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (Herbalist), who graduated from the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine located in Toronto. She operates her Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic in Toronto. She successfully passed the Pan-Canadian Acupuncture and Herbs License Exams(the board standard exams recognized across Canada for TCM). She is registered with the College of TCMP and Acupuncturists of Ontario. 

Ming is R.TCMP, she prescribes herbs in addition to doing acupuncture(R.Ac), Traditional Chinese Massage including Tui Na Massage, specialized Scalp Massage, Face and Neck Massage, Acu-Point Massage, Gua Sha, Fire Cupping, Moxa therapy, Auricular acupuncture, E-stem therapy, and Cosmetic facial acupuncture.

Ming has studied and practiced acupuncture for 25 years. In the beginning, she learned from three famous TCM Acupuncturist Masters in China. So she has rich experience in acupuncture treatment for various symptoms.

Ming practices medicine with a holistic approach, allowing her to utilize her TCM training for complete family healthcare. She treats patients with a variety of health concerns. She has helped patients with pain, digestive issues, allergy symptoms, anxiety, gynecological problems, and overall immunity enhancement.

Ming is a caring and compassionate healthcare practitioner who is concerned with your overall health and well-being. She would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding how acupuncture and herbal Chinese medicine can benefit you.


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